Emperor penguins are an endangered species. Scientists are protecting the largest of all penguins by monitoring their numbers precisely and investigating which factors affect their population. A team led by researchers at FAU has now developed a reliable method that can predict the number of breeding pairs and chicks and serve as an early warning system for climate change in the Antarctic Ocean.

When fighting infections or tumors, entire armies of immune cells must coordinate their behavior. Researchers at FAU will investigate which immune processes play a role in this over the next three years. The researchers will also use machine learning algorithms. The Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation supports the project through its Rise Up! program with funding of almost €500,000.

Sebastian Teichert and his colleagues have monitored the growth of rhodoliths very closely. In the process, they discovered which impact climate change has on their development.


FAU has retained its position as one of the most innovative universities not only in Germany, but worldwide, and also remains a world leader when it comes to sustainability. These are the findings of the latest “Impact Ranking” of the British education magazine Times Higher Education (THE).

A big joint celebration at which alumni, students, employees and friends of our FAU once again brought the university motto #FAUtogether to life! The FAU Wunschkonzert 2024 ensured the best atmosphere and dancing mood for all generations. Get an idea of ​​the exciting event with our video and image gallery.

The FAU Senate has defined 5 key research priorities for the University’s research profile. They serve as a framework for the work of all FAU members. Vice President Research, Prof. Dr. Georg Schett, explains the origins of the new research priorities.


Who is...? Professor Silvia Budday

FAU has its own YouTube channel for presenting the University in videos in German and English. Whether it’s information about our degree programs, interesting reports from research and teaching or videos about our events – visitors to our YouTube channel are always up to date with what’s going on.

Videos on Youtube

  • #FAUwissenwollen

    Lightbulb with brain
    Image: Panthermedia/Peshkov

    Making science exciting and accessible to all
    During a series of events each semester, ‘#FAUwissenwollen’ will involve different researchers presenting their current projects in simple terms and answering questions from the audience. The event is usually held in German

  • Schlossgartenfest

    Image: FAU/Georg Pöhlein

    The Schlossgartenfest at FAU is one of the largest and most beautiful garden parties in Europe. On the last Saturday in June, the President invites students, members and friends of the University, as well as high-profile guests from politics, business and academia, to come and dance and enjoy a fantastic evening in the Schlossgarten.

  • Long Night of Sciences

    Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2011
    Image: Georg Pöhlein

    Watch the world’s fastest computer tomography system display a 3D image of the human heart, or discover metals that are so light that they float in milk – with around 400 items on the programme, FAU runs the most events of all the contributors who take part in the Long Night of Sciences. It is held every two years in October.

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  • Dies academicus

    Statue Markgraf
    Image: FAU/Georg Pöhlein

    Once a year on 4 November, FAU celebrates the date when the University was established in 1743. This was the day that Friedrichs-Universität was founded in Erlangen by Margrave Friedrich of Brandenburg-Bayreuth.

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The exciting world of research clearly explained

Pupil in classroom tinkers experiment
Workshop “Ingenious science – experience it yourself”. (Image: Schulmuseum Nürnberg)

Scientists and academics sit in their ivory towers and ponder things which no-one else understands? Far from it! Research explores the world around us and is meant to be experienced. FAU holds several events and has many ways of making research accessible, getting people involved, and inspiring interest in the fascinating world of science.

Science for citizens

FAU’s Roman boats

Men in Roman costumes
Christening and maiden voyage of the F.A.N. to Fürth and Nuremberg (Image: FAU/Georg Pöhlein)

Rowing like the Romans: Together with students, pupils and other volunteers, FAU researchers have recreated a full-size Roman patrol and convoy boat.

The Fridericiana Alexandrina Navis (F.A.N.) und the Danuvina alacris (D.V.C.)

FAU’s Roman boats

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    From university events to interesting stories from the University: which student-related topics are people currently talking about? What are the most important upcoming events, from the Science Slam to the short film event to the faculty party?

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    FAU has its own YouTube channel for presenting the University in videos in German and English. Whether it’s information about our degree programmes, interesting reports from research and teaching or videos about our events – visitors to our YouTube channel are always up to date with what’s going on.

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