Support FAU by donating innovation

Can we inspire you with our passion for innovation in research and society? Can we inspire you to support these innovations by means of a donation? Your donation will open up new perspectives for students, researchers and for the entire FAU family. The FAU Innovation Fund provides funding for talented young researchers, online teaching and innovations at FAU.

  • Students jumping
    Image: Giulia Iannicelli


    Your donations support talented young researchers! In the case of the Germany scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium), every euro donated is matched with state funding to provide the most dedicated students with financial support on a monthly basis.

  • Camera filming in antique and classical collection
    Image: FAU/Mijat


    The coronavirus pandemic means additional investments are required in online teaching. Your donations lead to improvements in quality.

  • Elisabeth Hoppe in front of board
    Image: Alexander-Preuhs


    Open up new career prospects for talented researchers with your donation. It will get the best newcomers at FAU off to a flying start, such as AI Newcomer of the Year 2019, Elisabeth Hoppe.

  • Prof. Eskofier in sandbox
    Image: FAU


    Start-ups start in the sandbox: The FAU Sandbox enables the best teams of entrepreneurs to get off to a good start in the world of business. Your donation makes innovation happen.

Foundations and sponsoring associations have been supporting FAU in a number of different ways for years. This is another way for you to support the work of students and researchers at the University with your donations and contributions.