Professional development

Lifelong learning at FAU

FAU advocates the principle of lifelong learning. Our goal is to enable people to update, enrich and extend their knowledge at any stage in life through a structured and expanding range of professional development courses. FAU offers a range of seminars and degree programs for working professionals through the Office of Knowledge and Technology Transfer and Continuing Education. The FAU Academy platform consolidates a wide range of services for all, irrespective of their age or previous qualifications.

Training programs for professional development at FAU

Continuing education: Relevant and up to date

FAU offers a wide range of opportunities for further training from seminars and workshops to comprehensive degree programs for professional development for working professionals with academic qualifications. The FAU Office of Knowledge and Technology Transfer and Continuing Education offers chairs and institutions advice and support in developing, implementing and administering continuing education measures.

Overview of events for continuing education (in German)

FAU Academy – your platform for lifelong learning at FAU

In a broader sense, FAU Academy offers continuing education for people in all stages of their lives.

Overview of events at FAU Academy (in German)