Collaborative research

Working together to achieve outstanding results

The world of scientific research today is faced with new and challenging problems. Often disciplines and institutions need to work together to find answers. Collaboration means that topics can be dealt with at scale beyond the capability of a single institute. The demand for research networks is higher than ever before.

FAU has an international perspective and is open to sharing knowledge in collaborative projects. Exchanging information and knowledge within the University is equally as important as collaborating with researchers at other national or international institutions. Collaborative research is a mutual process that benefits everyone involved. At FAU, the impetus for collaborative research is established at the research level in a bottom-up approach supported centrally by the University. The University supports this approach in many different ways including retreats for identifying joint research topics, start-up funding and advice for preparing joint research initiatives, providing support for innovative research ideas and access to central institutes and strategic partnerships.

In the international U-Multirank university ranking, FAU has received an excellent rating in research, knowledge transfer and international focus.