Welcome Centre for International Researchers

Research and life at FAU

The Welcome Centre is the main service centre for international guest researchers and doctoral candidates visiting FAU and their host departments.

We provide free advice, information and support for guest researchers in preparation for and throughout their stay. Our team work closely with organisations within and outside of FAU to ensure all guest researchers benefit from co-ordinated services and feel welcome at FAU. In 2010, our service was selected by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation as a best practice model.

The Welcome Centre is only for guest researchers and doctoral candidates. International students and interns should refer to information for international applicants.

You can find more videos in our playlist on youtbe.com.

Let us know in advance

Please let us know about your stay as early as possible. We need to know your details to provide the best advice and individual support for your stay. Please send us your information using our registration form.