Quality management in teaching and studying

Continuously improving together

Ensuring and developing the quality of teaching and studying is a key goal at FAU. In this context the University is using the broad range of subjects that it offers as a strategic strength. A decentralised approach is taken to quality management, allowing all those involved to work as independently as possible and ensuring that the unique characteristics of individual subjects are taken into account. All quality assurance processes in teaching and studying are co-ordinated through centralised measures.

To optimise the structure in the Department of Academic Affairs and Student Services, quality management and evaluation were merged with degree programme development in the Office of Legal Affairs and Academic Quality Management (L1) in August 2019.

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Quality Management, Degree Programme Development and Evaluation at L1 is the central point of contact for internal and external communication with regard to quality development in teaching and studying. It co-ordinates the implementation of central quality measures and supports the offices at the faculties and schools which are responsible for decentralised quality development:

FAU gained system accreditation status on 9 May 2016. Universities that have been accredited are awarded the Accreditation Council’s seal, which enables them to accredit their own degree programmes.

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