FAU Alumni #MyStory: Ines Brunn

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Artistic cyclist und Business Development Manager

She was the “Wettkönigin” on the TV show “Wetten, dass…?” and baked pancakes while standing on her bike. During her professional career, Ines Brunn lived in China for several years and opened her own bicycle shop there. Today she still performs as an artistic cyclist on various stages and travels all over the world as a business development manager. Ines Brunn studied physics at FAU and has now visited her alma mater for an interview.

Here she shows us her television appearance on “Wetten, dass…?”, talks about her time as a student and reveals why she became a real celebrity in China.

FAU Alumni #MyStory: Ines Brunn, Kunstradfahrerin & Business Development Managerin

FAU Alumni #MyStory
The short videos in the FAU Alumni #MyStory series focus on outstanding FAU alumni, taking viewers on a journey into the alumni’s student life and providing insights into the impressive resumes and careers of today’s personalities. To do so, they return to the place where it all began: the FAU campus.

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