FAU Alumni #MyStory: Philipp Selzle

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Founder and managing director of the vegan restaurant chain “Kaspar Schmauser"

He currently runs four restaurants in Nuremberg, Erlangen, Fürth and Leipzig, with four new ones to be added soon: Philipp Selzle is co-founder and managing director of “Kaspar Schmauser” – a vegan restaurant chain with a focus on healthy eating.

After studying economics at FAU, Philipp Selzle worked as a manager at Vapiano. Then he wanted to set up something of his own. Together with his colleague Claudius zur Linden and Daniel Meier, he founded Kaspar Schmauser.

In this interview, Philipp Selzle explains how he managed to keep up with the competition on the food market, open his first restaurant during the coronavirus pandemic and why he is so happy to be returning to FAU.

FAU Alumni #MyStory: Philipp Selzle, Gründer und Geschäftsführer der vegangen Restaurant-Kette „Kaspar Schmauser"

FAU Alumni #MyStory
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