Ten reasons to choose FAU

Ten reasons to choose FAU

Choosing where to study is a very important decision for you and your daughter or son. While at university, your child will be laying the foundations for their future career; university will also help them develop their individual identity and personality and here they can make friends for life (and perhaps even meet their future partner).

There are numerous reasons why you and your child should choose FAU as a place to study, and we’ll give you ten of them in detail:

The FAU campuses are located in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, one of the most vibrant and economically dynamic regions in Germany. Contributing to this environment are major global businesses such as Siemens, Audi, Adidas and Schaeffler, while innovative start-ups offer young academics the best opportunities for a successful future. And this trend is continuing. According to the Brookings Institute in the USA, the region exhibits the highest rate of economic growth among the more populous regions in Germany.

The excellent quality of teaching and research at FAU is confirmed by our results in national and international rankings. The university has top ratings in the Times Higher Education Ranking, in the QS World University Subject Ranking, the Funding Atlas of the German Research Foundation and the Reuters Innovation Ranking. The latter ranks FAU among the 50 most innovative universities in the world, thus making it one of the most prestigious educational institutions world-wide.

As a comprehensive university, FAU offers over 260 subjects for your child to choose from. This breadth of subjects, the outstanding quality of teaching at FAU and the extensive interdisciplinary network provide for an academic education unique in Germany.

In addition, after acquiring their degree at our university, your child has the option of directly moving on to study for a doctorate with us.

FAU is located in one of the most attractive and popular regions in Germany – and one of the safest. Compared to the rest of the country, the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region region performs particularly well when it comes to safety. Among the eleven German metropolitan regions the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region has the lowest rate of per capita crime.

FAU will stand by you and your child at all times, providing advice and support both during your child’s time at university and thereafter. Irrespective of whether you’ve questions concerning a degree programme, need help finding a job or counselling in psychological and legal matters – our advice and service centres offer free, fast and targeted support. In addition, we also offer many courses in which your child can learn foreign languages – and these, of course, are free of charge.

FAU works closely together with local businesses and non-university research institutions, such as the Max Planck Institute, the Fraunhofer Institute and the Helmholtz Institute. These excellent contacts make it easier for your child to start a successful professional career in business or in the sciences.

FAU is an internationally valued partner when it comes to joint research projects and student exchange. We have 500 partnerships with other institutes of higher education located in more than 70 countries, while the 1330 researchers and more than 4000 international students who have come here from all over the world demonstrate the international attractiveness of FAU. Together, we make it possible for your child to benefit from the experience of studying overseas and the constant exchange of information with people from all over the world.

FAU is one of the best performing universities in Germany with regard to research and is thus a major world hub in this connection. Research and teaching are inextricably linked at FAU and the results of research thus find their way into the seminars and lectures. In more than 20 interdisciplinary centres, students and lecturers at FAU undertake future-orientated research that transcends the boundaries of subject, institution and faculty.

FAU was founded in 1743 as a comprehensive university and over the centuries it has continually developed in order to continue to do justice to its values in the 21st century. This tradition and our willingness to embrace change guarantee your child the best possible academic education.

For our International Degree Programmes, which are exclusively taught in English, proof of knowledge of the German language is not required at the time of your child’s application and enrolment and will therefore not affect the application. However, a basic knowledge of the German language is of paramount importance for your child in order to for live in Germany and potentially seek a job in here. FAU offers a wide range of opportunities to learn German in a fast and effective way and will support your child in these endeavours.


FAU is the ideal springboard to a job with one of the top global companies in this region. The university and its career service put on many events and provide a wide range of opportunities to make direct contact with world-class employers.

Beatriz, 23, from Spain