FAU student survey 2022 has started

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Until June 19, all students at FAU have the opportunity to have their say about their studies in the FAU student survey (FAU-St) 2022. Students have been invited to take part in the survey by e-mail. Image: Colourbox.de

FAU-St 2022 enters the latest round; results from last year’s survey have been published

It’s that time of the year again: until June 19, all students at FAU have the opportunity to have their say about their studies in the FAU student survey (FAU-St) 2022. This year, the survey focuses on study conditions in the various degree programs. An extra part also takes a closer look at discrimination at FAU. Students have been invited to take part in the survey by e-mail. The evaluation of last year’s survey showed that in spite of the unusual situation caused by the pandemic, the majority of students are satisfied with their studies at FAU.

Results from 2021: Students want a mixture of online and in-person teaching

“Study conditions in the past two years have been challenging for all concerned. Bearing that in mind, we were particularly pleased that students took the opportunity last year to give us their feedback on their experiences at university by taking part in the FAU-St survey,” says Prof. Dr. Bärbel Kopp, FAU Vice President Education. Of the 4,412 students who took part in the survey, the majority are satisfied with their studies. At the time of the survey, teaching was still predominantly being held online, but most of those questioned gave it a positive review. Nevertheless, more than half of students would like a mixture of online and in-person teaching after the pandemic, with a greater emphasis on in-person teaching. Students were not only questioned about online teaching, but also about key qualifications, services provided by the University Library, health and physical activity, sustainability and the situation regarding university buildings. The results are available in the final report.

FAU-St 2022 focuses on degree programs

This year the focus is on the situation in the various degree programs. “We don’t only want to hear about where things are going well, we would also like to hear about where there is room for improvement. Now that we have returned to in-person teaching, we would like to find out what students think about their study conditions now. Focusing on aspects related to specific degree programs will hopefully deliver some valuable insights,” explains Prof. Kopp.

The survey includes questions on study conditions, on teaching, on the workload, as well as on examination management and organization in the various degree programs. An additional block of questions deals with discrimination at FAU. It is hoped that the results will help to pinpoint any instances of discrimination at FAU, and allow FAU to make improvements in the area of diversity and equality of opportunity.

Prize draw for all participants

FAU-St is open to all students. The only exception are students from the School of Business, Economics and Society, which has its own survey, as well as students in degree programs for working professionals or professional development.

As in the years before, students who take part in FAU-St 2022 can enter into a prize draw and have the opportunity to win one of 20 vouchers worth 25 euros each, for their choice of either the FAU shop, the Avocadostore or the Ecobookstore.

What happens with the results?

The results of FAU-St are discussed in university committees for teaching and studying and are taken as the basis for reflecting on and extending services offered in various areas. The faculties and individual degree programs receive specific evaluations and reports aimed at improving study conditions at FAU. If the degree programs are to be provided with specific evaluations, however, it is important that sufficient numbers of students from each degree program take part in the survey.

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