Shanghai Ranking 2022: Excellent results nationally and internationally

The picture shows FAU's outcome in the 2022 Shanghai Ranking
Image: FAU/Andrea Förster

Improvements in results for publications

The Shanghai Ranking 2022 has been published. In the national ranking, FAU has retained its position among the top 20 universities at place 17. On an international level, the University is among the best 300 in the world.

Data from various fields is incorporated into the ranking. FAU’s performance improved for some indicators, for example, publications per researcher as well as publications in “Nature” and “Science”. FAU is ranked at twelfth and fifteenth place nationally for these indicators. FAU achieved its best national result with the total number of publications, for which it was ranked eighth.

FAU performed best in an international comparison and is ranked 172nd for the indicator publications in “Nature” and “Science”.

About the Shanghai Ranking

The Shanghai Ranking, officially known as the Academic Ranking of World Universities, has been published on an annual basis by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University since 2003. Universities and a total of 54 individual subjects are assessed on the basis of various indicators in the ranking. The ranking focuses on research. Indicators taken into consideration include research publications, citations, Nobel prizes and Fields medals. More than 2000 universities were evaluated and the best 1000 listed in this year’s ranking.

Further information and the entire ranking is available at:

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