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At FAU... Starting on October 28

Listen to this! The first ever Erlangen PODCASTIVAL starts in October, bringing the ever popular format of podcasts to the stage providing the audience a visual as well as audible experience.

“The idea behind podcasts captures the spirit of our times and there has been a huge increase in audience numbers during the past few years,” says Jan Dinger, managing director of E-Werk in Erlangen. “We want to bring a wide range of topics to the stage during the PODCASTIVAL and increase the visibility of the spoken word.”

This promises to be the “listening experience” of the year, held by E-Werk in co-operation with FAU who is providing the locations for each individual PODCASTIVAL event.

Students can purchase discounted tickets via Reservix.

What will be on offer?

  • Raul Krauthausen + guest: Frédéric Schwilden /// Friday October 28, 2022 /// 8pm /// Location: Wassersaal – Orangerie
  • Local evening (Unter Strom, Zwei Flaschen Wein, DocPod) /// Friday October 28, 2022 /// 8pm /// Location: Aula (Schloss) FAU
  • BBQ /// Saturday October 29, 2022 /// 8 pm/// Location: Aula FAU
  • Busenfreundin + guest /// Saturday November 5, 2022 /// 8pm /// Location: Audimax lecture theater
  • Hotel Matze + guest: Markus Kavka /// Thursday November 17, 2022 /// 8pm ///Location: Hörsaal C (lecture theater C)

(Entry to all events is at 7.30pm)

More information is available on the E-Werk website