Students from FAU help earthquake victims

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Meals to be sold in the Schlossgarten and at the Roter Platz from May 3 until May 5, with proceeds going to charity.

On February 6, parts of Turkey and Syria were rocked by a devastating earthquake followed by several severe aftershocks. People across Germany and Europe were keen to help. Students from FAU also wanted to do something to help, and, perhaps more importantly, to draw people’s attention to the difficult conditions in the region on a more long-term basis.

Student Osman Yigit and 22 other students from FAU will be selling food from Wednesday May 3 until Friday May 5 in the Schlossgarten in Erlangen and at the Roter Platz at the Faculty of Engineering, with proceeds going towards helping earthquake victims in the affected area. They are working together with six restaurants from Erlangen and Nuremberg, who have provided the food for sale. “The images from the area hit by the earthquake were extremely distressing, especially for us students from Turkey and Syria,” remembers Osman Yigit. “We decided to do our bit and to remind people many months after the earthquakes that many people in the region are still suffering from the consequences.”

On the three days, the students will sell food from 10am until the evening in the two locations, with proceeds going to charity. Most of the money collected will be donated to the affected areas. Osman Yigit and his team are supported by student associations and the Executive Board from FAU.