Students’ opinions count: FAU-St 2023 begins

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It’s time for another round of the FAU student survey (FAU-St). Until June 18, students can have their say about their studies at FAU. All participants are entered in a prize draw for various vouchers (image:

Students are invited to evaluate their studies; positive results in last year’s survey

It’s time for another round of the FAU student survey (FAU-St). Until June 18, students can have their say about their studies at FAU, in either German or English. As well as covering students’ satisfaction with general conditions for studying, the focus this year is on advisory and service institutions at FAU. All participants will be entered in a prize draw with the chance of winning one of 20 vouchers for various shops, worth 25 euros each. Students have been invited to take part in the survey by e-mail.

If anyone is curious about the results from last year’s survey, the final report is available on the OPUS publication and document server. The evaluation showed that the majority of students are satisfied with study conditions.

Results 2022: The majority of students who replied are satisfied with the content and the way their subject is organized.

Of the 4,451 students who took part in the survey, the majority are satisfied with their studies. Hardly anyone is considering dropping out or changing university. Students were particularly positive about aspects relating to the organization of their studies and study content, for example students praised the research orientation of their degree programs and the wide range of courses offered in their degree program. They are generally also happy with the organization of examinations and can rely on support from the various points of contact if they have questions relating to examinations. Students often cited a need for improvement concerning scheduling of examinations and balancing their studies and their personal life. “We are very glad that the students who participated in the survey are satisfied with FAU,” says Prof. Dr. Bärbel Kopp, FAU Vice President Education. “However, we would now like to tackle the areas that students flagged up as potentially being in need of improvement. The results of the FAU student survey help us to recognize where there is room for improvement and where students would appreciate greater assistance. That is why student feedback in the FAU-St survey is so important for us all.”

FAU-St 2023 focuses on topics relevant across the University as a whole

This year’s survey focuses on study conditions across the University as a whole. It concentrates on advisory and other services at FAU. “In order to allow us to assist students as effectively as possible while progressing through their individual degree programs, we have to provide suitable points of contact for information and advice. Students’ reports on their experiences are crucial for us to continue to improve the services we offer,” explains Prof. Kopp.

Other topics covered include general questions on satisfaction with study conditions, students’ experiences with online and face-to-face teaching and on student jobs. Certain questions were tailored specifically for new students, students nearing the completion of their degree program and international students. The Center for Applied Philosophy of Science and Key Qualifications would like to offer a wider range of courses, and is therefore interested in feedback from students. The survey also covered students’ health and the topic of sustainability. Students’ Representatives also included topics they are interested in, including students’ experiences with resit examinations and limits on the numbers of examination attempts.

Prize draw for all participants

FAU-St is open to all students, for the first time this year also to students from the School of Business, Economics and Society. The only exception are students in degree programs for professional development and degree programs for working professionals.

As in the years before, students who take part in FAU-St 2023 can enter into a prize draw and have the opportunity to win one of 20 vouchers worth 25 euros each, for their choice of either the FAU shop, the Avocadostore or the Ecobookstore.

What happens with the results?

The results of FAU-St are discussed in university committees for teaching and studying and are taken as the basis for reflecting on and extending services offered in various areas. The faculties receive specific evaluations and reports aimed at improving study conditions at FAU. Each year, they develop measures aimed at making improvements on the basis of the survey.

The reports from previous years are available via the OPUS publication and document server. We expect the overall report of the results from FAU-St 2023 to be available there from the end of winter semester 2023/24. Further information about FAU-St is available on the data protection information sheet.

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