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Research Focus Areas at the Faculties

Research focus areas at the Faculties

The Research Focus Areas at the five faculties highlight the wide range of disciplines which are covered in research and teaching at FAU. Just like FAU’s interfaculty Key Research Priorities, each of the Research Focus Areas at the faculties is also supported by several professors, the research has a high level of national and international visibility, and research and teaching are closely linked.


  • Work, organization and learning
  • Education as transformation
  • Diversity and globalization in the ancient world
  • Health over the life course
  • Inter- and transculturality
  • Latin America: diversity and transformation
  • Interdisciplinary near east studies
  • LexikoGrammar: description – variation – alteration – cognition
  • Literatures – cultures of knowledge – processes of transfer
  • Human rights/migration
  • Middle ages and early modernity: knowledge – tradition – practices – imagination
  • Potentials an challenges of digitalization
  • Religion as practice and discourse
  • Human rights
  • Law and religion
  • Banking and capital markets law


  • Change in the world of work
  • Customer insights
  • Tax and tax policy
  • Insurance and risk
  • Digitalization of the economy
  • Energy markets and energy systems analysis
  • Health


  • Infection and immunology research
  • Kidney and vascular research
  • Neurosciences
  • Tumor research
  • Medical engineering


  • Climate and resources
  • Integrated molecular life sciences
  • Materials and light-matter interaction
  • Modeling, simulation and optimization
  • The physics and mathematics of the cosmos

More information will follow soon.