One of the most outstanding students in the world

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The founder of Aelius Förderwerks, Sahithjan Surendra, studies Molecular Medicine at FAU. (Picture:Sagithjan Surendra)

FAU student is a finalist in the “Global Student Prize”

He is studying Molecular Medicine at FAU. But that is by no means all that Sagithjan Surendra is doing: Whilst studying, he has founded the charity Aelius Förderwerk, which supports disadvantaged children and young people. At the same time he is studying Public Policy at the University of Essex, UK. He has already received several awards for his efforts.

Now the 24 year old has made it into the top 50 finalists for the Global Student Prize, from among 7,000 nominations from across the globe. He is the only German on the shortlist for the Global Student award, with its prize money of 100,000 US dollars. Sagithjan Surendra was nominated on account of his extraordinary civic engagement, including his work as founder and managing director of Aelius Förderwerk.

About the Global Student Prize

The prize is awarded to an exceptional student who has made a real impact on the learning and lives of their peers and on society in general. The initiative was set up in order to create a powerful new platform showcasing the efforts of extraordinary students across the globe. The title is awarded to one finalist later in the year by the prominent jury.

About Aelius Förderwerk

Sagithjan Surendra’s vision behind the Aelius Förderwerk is to open up new perspectives to young people. Ever since it was established, the charity has been supporting disadvantaged children and young people. It the meantime it has grown to a network of approximately 200 volunteers throughout Germany, and has accompanied more than 7,000 young people on their education journey to date.