FAU Nuremberg campus

FAU in Nuremberg

  • Lange Gasse

    Lange Gasse.

    Image: FAU

    The Lange Gasse is the main venue for students studying business, economics and social sciences. This is where the School of Business, Economics, and Society (WiSo) is located. The castle and city centre are only a short stroll away. The campus has its own library and cafeteria.

  • In the city centre

    Faculty of Economics.

    Image: School of Business, Economics, and Society, FAU

    In the city centre, just off the pedestrian precinct, is FAU’s Ludwig-Erhard building in the Findelgasse. The School of Business, Economics, and Society holds lectures and seminars here as well. The basement is home to the café ‘Der Trichter’, run by student volunteers.

  • Where teachers learn how to teach

    Regensburger Straße Campus

    Image: Nuremberg from the air/Hajo Dietz

    The Regensburger Straße Campus is located in south-east Nuremberg, near the Dutzendteich lake. The Centre for Teacher Education, parts of the Department of Education and most of the chairs specialising in teaching specific subjects are all located here. There is also a library and cafeteria.

  • Former AEG site

    AEG Gebäude in Nürnberg.

    Bild: FAU/David Hartfiel

    The former AEG site in the west of Nuremberg is home, among others, to a Helmholtz Institute, Energie Campus Nürnberg and the Bavarian Hydrogen Centre. Scientists also carry out research on information systems, engineering design and automated manufacturing. The close collaboration between departments, research institutions, institutes and industry ensure a particularly innovative atmosphere.


View towards the castle in Nuremberg.

Looking from the Tiergärtnertorplatz towards the castle in Nuremberg. (Image: Uli Kowatsch/CTZ-Nuernberg).

Outside of Bavaria and Germany, the first thing most people think of when you mention Nuremberg is the famous Christmas market held against the backdrop of the castle. However, Nuremberg has a lot more to offer besides medieval half-timbered houses. It is a modern city home to many industrial companies and service providers, it is an international transport hub and a trade fair centre. There is always something going on in Nuremberg: drama and concerts on both larger and smaller stages, film and music festivals, cultural events such as the Blaue Nacht, motor sport events or the largest flea market in Germany, the Trempelmarkt. A wide selection of cafes and pubs, clubs and restaurants, cinemas and several recreation areas leave you spoilt for choice when deciding how to spend your free time. Nuremberg’s importance as a key location for the economy, science and research extends far beyond the local region.


The FAU map service helps you find your way around the University buildings. The results are generated by the map service of the Computer Centre (RRZE) and show the various institutes of the University in the correct surroundings.