Change of name upon change of identity

FAU promotes a constructive approach to diversity and is working to improve conditions for an anti-discriminatory studying and working environment. In order to make it easier for trans*, trans-ident and transsexual students in an academic context and their day to day life at university, FAU allows students to change their name and title provisionally for internal university purposes even before a change of name or status is approved by a court.

All you need to do is submit a supplementary identification card (Ergänzungsausweis) from the German society for transsexuality and intersexuality (DGTI) (German) together with an informal declaration of intent to the head of the department for Teaching & Studying (German). The Postmaster at the Regional Computer Centre Erlangen (RRZE) can then change the e-mail address accordingly.

All members of the university can change the name in their FAU e-mail address without giving any reasons by contacting the Helpdesk at the Regional Computer Centre Erlangen (German).