Funding consultation and proposal drafting

From the idea to the funding application

Are you looking for the right funding options for your research project? Do you need support and strategic advice on how to write your project proposal? Research management at FAU has a wide range of expertise for such issues.

Searching for funding

The links below redirect you to databases containing information on the current calls for proposals of the most important third-party funding providers and to other funding databases.

Subject-related advice

For initial questions with regard to your research project (in particular the concept, searching for funding and writing the proposal) you can contact the advisors at your faculty directly.

Prof. Dr. Roland Sturm

Dean of Research

Dr. Cordula Glass

Büro für Forschung und wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs (Philosophische Fakultät und Fachbereich Theologie)

Dr. Robert Fischer

Büro für Forschung und wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs (Philosophische Fakultät und Fachbereich Theologie)

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Katrin Schiebel

Research Representative

Advice for collaborative applications (DFG, EU)

The application process for collaborative applications can seem complex and confusing at first glance. The Department of Research Services and Research Development can help you during this process by

o   Giving advice and guiding you through the entire application process

o   Clarifying the various steps in the application process (e.g. guidelines, checklists)

o   Pooling information gained from previous initiatives

o   Providing support with the review process (e.g. trial reviews, lists of questions)

We can also assist you with start-up financing for the application and checking applications and managing projects.

Please contact us with any questions.

Dr. rer. nat. Sonja Pötzsch

Office for Research Support

Dr. Anne Kathrin Buhmann

Office for Research Support

Dr. Stefanie Herberger

Referatsleiterin; Entwicklung wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs, Strategische Weiterbildung, Coaching, Kooperationen

Graduate Centre and Young Researchers Support

VAe Martina May

Förderung durch die EU (administrativ) - Nachname der Lehrstuhl-/Institutsleitung Buchstabe A-F sowie K-Z

Office of Third-party Funding and Related Legal Affairs