FAU Ambassador

FAU Ambassor Prof. Dr. Enrique Zuazua (Image: FAU/Kurt Fuchs)
FAU Ambassor Prof. Dr. Enrique Zuazua (Image: FAU/Kurt Fuchs)

Introducing Prof. Dr. Enrique Zuazua, the newly appointed international representative of FAU.

The title of FAU Ambassador was awarded for the first time. Over the next few years, it will be given to a number of international guest researchers. Ambassadors represent FAU’s interests in their home country and pass on the experience gathered at FAU in their own spheres of research. Ambassadors can give advice to students and researchers who are interested in a stay at FAU and can establish and maintain links between the universities of their home country and FAU.

Prof. Dr. Enrique Zuazua is a leading figure in the area of applied mathematics and is professor of applied mathematics at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. In the context of a Humboldt Research Award he worked at FAU in the academic year 2014/2015. His research at FAU was focused on the optimal control of partial differential equations. He also held seminars and workshops and acted as a guest lecturer. He developed close ties with FAU and was delighted to accept the title of Ambassador.