Success in the 2017 CWTS Leiden Ranking

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FAU researchers are very frequently cited

Researchers’ reputations are often measured by how often their publications are cited. The CWTS Leiden Ranking shows that FAU researchers are among the most frequently cited. FAU was even able to improve on its excellent ranking of the previous year at both the national and international levels.

In Germany, FAU progressed three places in comparison with the previous year, climbing from 13th place into the top ten. On an international level as well, FAU is holding its own: within Europe as a whole, FAU has improved eight places to reach rank 80. Internationally, it has reached 186th place and is now in the top 200, moving up two places from 202nd place in the previous year.

However, when individual disciplines are considered, the subjects of Mathematics and Computer Science at FAU performed even better on the national level. Publications from these disciplines were ranked in 4th place among the most frequently cited 10%. The fields of Biomedicine and Health Sciences were also ranked among the top ten. FAU is also well placed for other evaluation criteria and is ranked a remarkable 5th with regard to total number of publications. In the individual rankings, the subject areas of the Natural Sciences and Engineering, as well as Mathematics and Computer Science performed particularly well – achieving 4th and 7th places respectively.

In the case of the core indicator ‘PP top 10%’ the ranking shows the publications for each university which are among the most frequently cited 10% worldwide. It is the proportion of those FAU publications that are ranked within the top 10% that determines the university’s placement within the Leiden Ranking. The CWTS Leiden Ranking is published annually by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies of the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. and compares 902 of the world’s top universities.

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