New Humboldt Professorship for FAU

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Has been awarded a Humboldt professorship: Prof. Dr. Enrique Zuazua. (Image: FAU/Kurt Fuchs)

Prof. Dr. Enrique Zuazua is awarded an Alexander von Humboldt professorship

The mathematician Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Enrique Zuazua nominated by FAU has been awarded an Alexander von Humboldt professorship. The prize, worth up to 5 million euros, was awarded on 9 May in Berlin. As a Humboldt professor at FAU, Enrique Zuazua will be appointed Chair of Applied Mathematics. The Chair is intended to bridge the gap between theory and practice, driving innovative and interdisciplinary research projects. A new centre for data science and imaging is to be founded at FAU, acting as a platform for launching and coordinating research initiatives with a focus on applied mathematics.

Making the world a better and safer place with formulas.

Prof. Dr. Enrique Zuazua, who comes from Spain, is one of the leading international researchers in Applied Mathematics. His research focuses, inter alia, on partial differential equations, control theory and numerics. The objective of these areas of mathematics is to improve modelling and simulation of processes stemming from engineering, especially in areas of particular importance for the future such as aviation, energy supply or social behaviour. The quality of mathematical models and available images, measurements and data from Prof. Zuazua’s area of research are also crucial for forecasting natural phenomena such as tsunamis, an aspect which cannot be ignored in the face of climate change. More information about his research objectives is included in our press release ‘Another Humboldt Professorship for FAU‘ and in the video from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation:

The Alexander von Humboldt Professorship

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation awards this professorship to internationally leading researchers from all disciplines who are currently working abroad. The aim of Alexander von Humboldt professorships is to enable German universities to bring top researchers to Germany and to offer them a long-term perspective for their work here. The professorships are funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research and are endowed with up to five million euros over five years.

Verleihung und Rede

The President of the Humboldt Foundation (AvH), Hans Christian Pape, awarded the prize during a ceremony on 9 May in Berlin. Zuazua is the fifth Humboldt professor at FAU.