Celebrating 150 years of the periodic table

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At FAU, Tanja Manninger does research on cements and on the effects lithium has on their components. (Image and image editing: FAU/Luisa Macharowsky)

For the 150th anniversary of the periodic table, we asked our scientists about their favourite element

Tanja Manninger, Chair of Mineralogy, on Lithium:

“The band Nirvana named a song after it, it helps against depression, against the use of combustion engines and leads to long hardening times of my cement. Lithium is used for therapy in medicine, in the batteries of electronic cars and as an activator in quick cements. At FAU, I do research on cements and the effect of lithium on their components. The name “lithium” derives from the Greek word for stone, because its was first won from it. I brought a mineral with me, which contains lithium, sometimes you can buy it as a gemstone: Its name is spodumene. Lithium can be detected with its strong red flame coloration.”

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