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FAU receives 2.25 million euros for improving industrial 3D printing processes

Research at the Chair of Photonic Technologies (LPT) at FAU is focused on laser-based 3D printing processes using metallic powder materials. The 3D printing process known as Direct Energy Deposition (DED) can be used to produce or repair costly functional components such as turbine blades, tools or components of power stations by adding layer upon layer of material in a process known as additive manufacturing.

In order to expand the technological potential of this manufacturing process, the Chair of Photonic Technologies has received 2.25 million euros in funding as part of the DFG major research instrumentation initiative. The aim is to implement a DED concept which is unique throughout Germany and is considerably more advanced than anything which is currently available for high throughput research focused on investigating and designing innovative metal alloys.

With the planned concept, researchers at the Chair of Photonic Technologies (LPT) hope to expand their research in the area of DED together with the Chairs of Materials Science and Engineering, Manufacturing Technology and Manufacturing Metrology.

Researchers at LPT already have a fundamental understanding of the physical and technical processes involved in producing complex metal alloys as well as in manufacturing materials and composite materials which do not lend themselves well to welding. However, commercially available facilities are reaching their limits.

The new DED concept will allow detailed investigations to be carried out aimed at specifically targeting variables inherent to the process such as cool down rates or process dynamics. In the next stage, microstructural and mechanical properties of generated components should be able to be tailored to meet requirements whilst simultaneously improving process stability and boosting efficiency.

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