FAU + TUM: Bavarian universities join forces in hydrogen research

Gruppe von Wissenschaftlern im Labor
Seven new professorships are set to broaden FAU’s expertise in hydrogen technology by the end of 2021, for example in areas such as chemical and bioengineering, manufacturing technology, systems engineering and economics.

State government presents Bavarian hydrogen strategy

The Bavarian state government has presented the Bavarian Hydrogen Strategy in Nuremberg. An important part of this strategy is promoting mobility research. Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have joined forces to further explore and implement hydrogen mobility technology together with partners from industry and the economy.

Hydrogen plays a central role in the Bavarian state government’s strategy towards climate-friendly mobility as the energy carrier has a very high potential for reducing CO2 emissions. With strong scientific partners in FAU, TUM and leading companies, Bavaria is ideally placed to move hydrogen research forward.

Supported by the state government, FAU and TUM are set to work with partners in industry to pool their expertise and transfer research findings efficiently into practical applications.

‘Our universities are pivotal in enabling Bavaria to take a leading role in the field of innovative hydrogen technologies,’ says Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Hubert Aiwanger. ‘In particular, the Technical University of Munich with its expertise in the production and use of hydrogen and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg with its pioneering research in hydrogen storage are important partners for industry and the economy. This expertise will be broadened in the future by further new professorships in the field of hydrogen research. This enables Bavaria to make the most its strategic advantage in science and technology.’

Seven new professorships in the field of hydrogen technology

More than 30 professorships are already involved in hydrogen research at both universities. TUM offers expertise in systems engineering, manufacturing technology, electrochemical process engineering and hydrogen storage technology, and FAU has a strong position in chemical and bioengineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and economics.

Seven new professorships are set to deliver further expertise in this field as part of the High-Tech Agenda Bavaria by the end of 2021. FAU has excellent conditions for future appointments in chemical and bioengineering, manufacturing technology, systems engineering and economics.

The areas of chemical process engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering will be further strengthened at TUM.

FAU and TUM share the goal of training students to become experts in the field of hydrogen mobility. New teaching concepts are being planned and degree programmes will be coordinated among the participating faculties.

Working together for energy reform

‘With this concept within the framework of the High-Tech Agenda Bavaria, we are taking social responsibility with FAU to promote energy reform,’ says TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann. ‘Together, we are developing new synergies to put Bavaria in a leading position in hydrogen technology and to train experts for structural change in Bavaria.’

FAU President Joachim Hornegger said that FAU was proud to make an important contribution to the success of Bavarian technology leadership in the field of hydrogen mobility together with TUM. ‘By concentrating our research areas in an innovative research alliance, scientists at our universities will in future be even better able to exchange ideas, work together and ultimately make energy reform possible with outstanding scientific achievements.’

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