An invitation to FAU’s virtual open days for school pupils

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Bild: FAU/David Hartfiel

FAU provides information on subjects on offer

This year, like other years, all final year pupils at grammar schools and vocational schools are invited to attend the FAU open days. Under the motto ‘Fit for the future’, the University will showcase the range of subjects on offer from 23 to 25 September, with the difference that this year, due to the coronavirus, the event will be held online.

Pupils can attend from anywhere they have access to the internet. The University will offer more than 80 informative events from Wednesday to Friday. School pupils can go to the website about the open days and choose the subjects they are most interested in.

With areas as diverse as sciences, social economics, music or engineering, information is available on the whole range of subjects on offer at FAU. The various events indicate just how wide the range of subjects on offer at FAU is.

Valuable information is provided for school pupils who are soon finished with school and finally want to concentrate on what they are really interested in. The open days not only show school pupils which subjects are available for studying, but also how to go about it.

A virtual campus tour gives potential students the chance to see behind the scenes at the university.

Programme for FAU open days 2020

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