Public series of lectures: The Ukraine war

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from April 28 in Erlangen

The Ukraine war is currently dominating debate in our society. In summer semester 2022, a series of lectures at FAU will deal with the topic from a variety of perspectives. The first lecture is on April 28, then every Thursday at 6 pm in the large lecture theatre in Bismarckstraße 1a in Erlangen. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kähler, Chair of Economics (Development Economics) and Prof. Dr. Kay Kirchmann, Chair of Media Studies, are organizing the lectures in collaboration with FAU INTEGRA.

What consequences does the Ukraine war have on migration and integration in Germany? What role do volunteers have to play in caring for refugees? And can we cope with welcoming a surge of refugees again like in 2015? Seen from the perspective of international law, what challenges does the war pose? These are just some of the questions the speakers from various disciplines will cover in their lectures. We will also take a look at the history of Ukraine and the role of China as a possible peacemaker.

The lectures will mainly be held in German. The only exceptions are the lectures “International Law as a Tool for Ensuring Justice and Accountability for the People of Ukraine” (Oxana Zolotaryova, Director-General of the Department of International Law, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine) and “Sanctions as the most efficient foreign policy tool”, (Oleksii Makeiev, Special Envoy on Sanctions, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine) on July 14.

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