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Die FAU auf TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@uni_fau

60 seconds of knowledge and fascinating scientific topics from FAU now available on TikTok

Dancing and lipsync? There is so much more to find on TikTok…for instance, FAU. On TikTok, we present to you special formats such as 60 seconds of knowledge (60 Sekunden Wissen) as well as the things that the people at our university create and mobilize.


Latest news entry: Trying out iris recognition

Last week, visitors to Josephs in Nuremberg were able to try out the innovative orbs by Worldcoin and register for a world ID. FAU alumnus Alex Blania is one of the project’s co-developers. See our TikTok video to learn how the orb shaped scanner works and what the anonymous ID is all about.

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