FAUexchange – Direct exchange programme at FAU for students of all faculties

Study at FAU partner universities throughout the world

FAU collaborates in teaching and research with a number of universities abroad. Many of these collaborations also involve student exchanges. As a result, FAU students can study abroad for one or two semesters, usually without paying tuition fees.

In most cases, the exchange programmes with FAU partner universities are for specific subjects. In other words, they are only open to students from a particular degree programme, department or faculty. The advantage of these exchange programmes is that you can be sure that the topics covered at the partner university will fit in with what you are studying at FAU. A major benefit of this is that it is easier to have course achievements obtained abroad accredited towards your studies at FAU.

More information about the FAUexchange program was available during the virtual fair organised by International Affairs on 21 October 2021. A video is available on www.fau.tv.

We would recommend all students to make faculty and degree programme specific exchange options their first choice (Erasmus+, direct exchange).

As a first step, you should always check which exchanges are already offered by your degree programme and faculty.

Information about the exchanges offered by the faculty or specific degree programmes is available from the following offices:

FAUexchange – Direct exchange programme open to all students

The direct exchange programme FAUexchange coordinated by International Affairs offers further options for faculty and degree programme specific exchanges. This exchange programme brings together 36 partnerships across the university with universities located predominantly outside of Europe and offers various exchanges for FAU students at all faculties. It is particularly interesting for students in degree programmes or faculties which do not offer any suitable exchanges.

You can apply for an exchange place in your degree programme or your faculty (ERASMUS+, direct exchange) and for a place in the FAUexchange programme at the same time. Please watch out for different deadlines, procedures and points of contacts.

Information on the partner universities in the direct exchange programme FAUexchange, help with the application procedure and answers to the most frequently asked questions are available on our websites and our world map. Our Mobility Team at the Central Office for International Affairs is happy to answer any questions you may have about FAUexchange.