The Senate decides on legal regulations, establishing degree programmes, appointing honorary professors, and awarding honorary academic titles.

It also makes decisions on issues of fundamental relevance to research, research career development and compliance with equality measures, and specifies the key research priorities. The Senate votes on applications to establish collaborative research centres and research training groups along with the corresponding facilities.

The Senate also pronounces on the proposals for appointments to professorships submitted by the various appointment committees. Furthermore, it also decides upon proposals for the appointment of members to the University Council who come from outside the university.

The Senate is composed of selected representatives from member groups of the university together with the university women’s representative. The Executive Board and representatives of doctoral candidates participate in the meetings in an advisory capacity.

Points for the agenda have to be submitted to the coordinator fourteen days before the date of the meeting at the latest, invitations are sent out together with the agenda one week before the date of the meeting.

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