Neue Materialien Fürth GmbH

Creating close collaborations

Neue Materialien Fürth GmbH (NMF) is a practice-orientated research institution set up by the Free State of Bavaria with the aim of creating close collaborations between research institutes and partners from industry to find practical applications for new materials and manufacturing processes in industry. The company is closely linked to Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH (NMB).

NMF’s activities are built on the expertise of the departments of Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at FAU. The Chairs of Materials Science and Metals Technology, Polymer Technology and Manufacturing Technology) at these departments contribute their research knowledge to NMF.

As with research in this area at FAU, NMF’s development activities focus on innovative process technology for manufacturing materials and components. This involves investigating and adapting material independent methods for prototyping and forming metals and plastics, particularly in the field of lightweight construction, focusing on magnesium casting, process integration in plastics processing and the development of innovative sheet materials.

A number of new manufacturing processes which have so far only been tested in the laboratory, are currently under pilot at NMF.
As process development on this scale exceeds the equipment resources and quantity of components involved in university research, this opens up an opportunity for research transfer from the university directly into industrial production.
In addition to the development of new processes, NMF also specialises in the production of prototypes and small batches.