Biology (Teaching degree)

Elementary school, middle school, secondary school, grammar school

In the teaching degree program, you will receive a comprehensive overview of all biological topics to pass on the fascination for biology to schoolgirls. The program includes plant and animal biology, microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, human biology, ecology and field trip days.

What is the degree program about?

In the teaching degree program, you will gain a comprehensive overview of all biological issues and areas of knowledge that will later enable you to pass on your fascination for biology to students. In contrast to the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, the subject-specific content of the program is largely prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs. Thus, in addition to the biology of plants and animals and an introduction to microbiology, genetics and biochemistry, the curriculum also includes human biology (evolution and biology of humans) and ecology (biological relationships in various habitats). This also includes several field trip days that you can participate in during your studies. This will give you ideas on how you can even teach biology outdoors later on.

Since you as a biology teacher not only need specialized knowledge, but also have to be able to convey the knowledge to students in a way that is appropriate, you will deal with the teaching and learning of biology in the didactics of biology. Here you will learn, for example, what educational value biology has, how to teach students to think and work scientifically, what teaching methods are suitable for what, what guidelines and frameworks there are for biology teaching and how to conceive and design successful biology lessons.

Detailed information on the teaching degree program and the individual school types can be found on our information page on the teaching degree program.

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