General and subject-related education in the digital world

General and subject-related education in the digital world (Additional studies)

There is a growing need for teachers who are able to shape the digital transformation pedagogically and didactically. The additional study program “General and subject-related education in the digital world” is coordinated by FAU’s DigiLLab and is suitable for all student teachers, regardless of the type of school and subject combination studied. It provides evidence of professionalization with regard to the use of digital media in learning contexts and the ability to promote digital skills among pupils. It also teaches computer science and information technology fundamentals that enable students to understand and scrutinize a wide range of processes in today’s world.

What is the degree program about?

Digital media help shape the socialization of adolescents. They can enrich teaching and learning processes as well as school organization and development in a meaningful way, but they can also hinder them. In view of the inevitability of media influences and the dynamics of technical development, an in-depth examination within the teacher training course is extremely topical and important.

The additional studies “General and subject-related education in the digital world” enables student teachers to focus on media education and thus to deal in depth with questions of education in a digital world. The certificate program forms a link between the basics of the teacher training course and extension subjects in media education and computer science.

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