Geosciences (B.Sc.)

Geology, mineralogy and paleontology

The geosciences are a modern and diverse science that deals with sustainable solutions to current challenges facing our society.
At the GeoCentre we research, among other things, the

  • Causes and consequences of climate change
  • Securing and sustainable use of resources (e.g. metallic raw materials, water)
  • Development and optimisation of materials (e.g. CO2-reduced cements)
  • Geodynamics and evolution of our planet (e.g. volcanism)
  • Research into sustainable geothermal energy sources (e.g. deep geothermal energy)

In research, geoscientists work with highly specialised and high-resolution chemical and physical laboratory and field analysis. Therefore, the geosciences are a very diverse branch of science in which there are constantly new research findings and methodological developments.

Basically, geoscientists deal with the interrelationships and interactions of the Earth system and the structure, evolutionary history and current and future state of our planet Earth and its habitats. All geoscientific processes of the Earth system in the lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere are examined. This includes all geological, chemical, physical and biological procedures and processes that have taken place and are currently taking place from the formation of the Earth to its present appearance.
Current issues and important scientific areas are research into raw material deposits (metals, oil, natural gas), geothermal energy, natural disasters (volcanoes, earthquakes), climate impact research, the development of new materials (CO2-neutral cements, high-performance ceramics, bone substitutes) and engineering geological and hydrogeological issues (e.g. subsoil investigations, slope analyses, geophysics). e.g. subsoil investigations, landslides, designation of water protection areas, investigations of the water cycle), as well as the investigation of past and present ecosystems (climate archives, biodiversity, reaction of organisms and ecosystems to environmental influences).

What is the degree program about?

In our Bachelor’s degree program in geosciences, you will deal with relationships and interactions of the Earth system and all the associated basics. In addition to theory, this also includes modern training in laboratory and working methods and practical training in the field. The first four semesters you study according to a predefined course plan, after which you can choose your focus depending on your interests. Particular focus is placed on climate research, sustainable resource research, alternative and renewable energies, development and optimisation of materials, and geodynamics and evolutionary research.

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