Mathematical Economics

Mathematical Economics (B.Sc.)

Combining teamwork and logical thinking in the world of numbers is the key to success in the Business Mathematics degree program. Use this unique combination to solve complex problems and create breakthrough solutions. Show off your teamwork skills and discover the limitless opportunities this multi-faceted major offers you.

What is the degree program about?

How do navigation devices always find the shortest route? How do you read a balance sheet? How does demographic change affect the risk management of banks and insurance companies? Business mathematics is a strongly application-oriented mathematics program in which students learn structures and techniques that enable them to analyze and solve mathematical problems, such as those encountered by banks and insurance companies, or that are used to optimize utility networks (energy, water, logistics).

The combination of the three subject areas of mathematics, economics and computer science ensures optimal preparation for professional life. In addition to basic courses in the three disciplines (e.g. analysis, economics, programming), the program also includes several courses that are structured in such a way that all three disciplines are taken into account simultaneously (e.g. Introduction to Statistics and Statistical Programming, Linear and Combinatorial Optimization, Optimization Project Seminar). In addition, the Bachelor of Business Mathematics program is characterized by a large proportion of free elective modules, which account for 20% of the entire program.

After graduation, you will be able to analyze and optimize economic problems using mathematical methods, predict processes and offer solutions to companies.

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