Mathematics (B.Sc.)

The bachelor’s degree program in mathematics is more diverse than one may assume. After the first two years, in which mainly basic knowledge is taught, students can, depending on their interests, specialize in an applied or theoretical field. After graduation, many different options are open to them on the job market.

What is the degree program about?

“Mathematics is out of touch – it has nothing to do with everyday life!”
You can hear such prejudices again and again. However, we use many things in daily life without thinking about how they work. Whether it’s a smartphone, a navigation system or an MP3 player, many electronic devices are constantly performing complex mathematical calculations. Almost all engineering work is based on extensive mathematical analyses. In the commercial sector, too, mathematics is needed, for example to describe the economic development of a company.

If you decide to study mathematics, you will first learn the basics in the first two years, some of which you will already know from school (analysis, algebra, stochastics, numerics). Afterwards, depending on your interests, you can deepen your knowledge in an applied or theoretical special field, in which you will then write your Bachelor’s thesis. The spectrum of topics ranges from the investigation of abstract algebraic or geometric structures to the optimization of traffic networks or the simulation of flows.

After graduation, you will finally be able to structure and solve complex internal and external mathematical problems. Mathematicians are in high demand, so you can decide with your bachelor’s degree whether you want to enter the job market right away or continue your studies in a master’s program to deepen your knowledge.

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