Physics (B.Sc.)

Discover fascinating world of physics! Their insights are the cornerstone of technology and innovation. Physicists are shaping our future with revolutionary developments such as quantum science and quantum computers. They explore the mysteries of the universe, from dark matter to the origin of life. Become part of this exciting journey at FAU and shape the world of tomorrow!

What is the degree program about?

Physics is one of the fundamental natural sciences whose findings lay the foundation for many other natural and engineering sciences, such as chemistry, biology, geology, medicine and electrical engineering. Physics has thus always made a decisive contribution to the technological development of our society. Today, we use devices such as smartphones with touch screens and voice recognition, the Internet and GPS as a matter of course. It is often physicists who lay the foundation for these technologies through groundbreaking research contributions. One highly topical field of research with promising application potential, for example, is quantum science, which deals with the controlled processing of quantum states from light and matter. Concrete goals of this quantum information processing are e.g. making it usable in tap-proof communication channels through encryption by means of quantum cryptography, the development of highly accurate sensors and the construction of quantum computers, which could solve complex tasks beyond the capabilities of conventional computers and thus decisively support e.g. materials and climate research. The field of “Quantum Science and Engineering” is therefore becoming increasingly important in physics education at FAU.

Physicists also deal with fundamental questions about space, time and matter, and they investigate the origin of the universe. What is “dark matter,” what is “dark energy”? Researchers approach the answers to these questions through observations of space, complex experiments and by developing theoretical models

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