English-speaking tour of FAU’s botanical gardens

Image: Walter Welß
Image: Walter Welß

A visit to FAU’s botanical gardens provides an experience similar to a quick journey around the world. From the cacti of the desert and the palm trees of the tropics to the Mediterranean feel of the bird house and the mountain plants in the Alpinum, the gardens boast an overwhelming range of flora and fauna that will awaken your wanderlust. With plants from all over the globe, this is the perfect setting to connect with new cultures. You’ll recognise plants you associate with home and exchange stories with enthralled international visitors who will be reminded of places further afield. In fact, the botanical gardens are becoming increasingly international, whether through the FAU Welcome Centre, tours for international students or as a setting for lectures. Come join us this weekend for our first free and public English-speaking tour on Saturday, July 11, at 2.30 pm.

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