Own e-mail account for alumni of FAU

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From now, alumni of FAU can request an own FAU Alumni e-mail account. (Image: Colourbox.de)

Alumni show their attachement to their Alma Mater

As usual with some families, the members of the FAU community are scattered all over the world. Thus, the communication between each other and the networking can be difficult. Not so for FAU alumni: They can now apply for a FAU Alumni e-mail account – as a member of the FAU family of course free of charge – and thus express their affiliation with FAU.

Who can request a FAU Alumni e-mailaccount?

All people, who earned an academic degree at FAU or who have spent at least three months at FAU as an internationally mobile researcher.

How can I request a FAU Alumni e-mail account?

A detailed description of how to request a FAU Alumni e-mail account can be found on the homepage of the Alumni Management of the FAU.

What are the benefits of the FAU Alumni e-mail account?

Sending and receiving e-mails

The FAU Alumni e-mail account is a regular e-mail account for sending an receiving e-mails. Although the @ fau.de e-mail address is valid for a lifetime, it can only be used to forward e-mails to an alternative e-mail address after leaving FAU.

Visible affiliation to the FAU

In addition, alumni of the FAU visibly show their affiliation to the FAU family with the FAU Alumni e-mail account and are therefore also recognizable to other FAU alumni.

Data security

Of course, the FAU Alumni e-mail account meets the current data protection guidelines of the European Union. The administration of the e-mail accounts takes place via the server of FAU, the data of the users are treated absolutely confidentially and of course are not passed on to third parties. In addition, the FAU alumni e-mail account is ad-free.

In addition to the FAU alumni e-mail account, the FAU alumni network offers further benefits. More information on benefits for networkers can be found on the homepage of the alumni management of the FAU.