FAU researchers participate in working groups on science diplomacy

Ralf Mitschke and Prof Dr. Maria Rentetzi
Ralf Mitschke and Prof Dr. Maria Rentetzi (image: Ismail Barakat)

Maria Rentetzi and Ralf Mitschke support the EU in questions concerning international and scientific relations

The EU Commission has decided to launch EU science diplomacy working groups in order to develop a future European framework for shared science diplomacy. This framework is intended to give stakeholders in diplomacy and science a point of reference when tackling the new global challenges of the future. Two members of the Chair of Science, Technology and Gender at FAU have been appointed to the working groups: Chair Prof. Dr. Maria Rentetzi and research assistant Ralf Mitschke.

Maria Rentetzi has been invited to join the working group “Making European diplomacy more strategic, effective and resilient through scientific evidence and foresight”, and Ralf Mitschke the working group “Building capacity for European science diplomacy”.

We care about science diplomacy because we really care about science and want to understand how diplomacy affects not only international relations but also laboratory work and findings. (Prof. Dr. Maria Rentetzi)

We hope that our involvement in the EU working groups will allow us to make a contribution to solving current and future crises and disputes on the basis of scientific collaboration and academic exchange, actively including the general public. (Ralf Mitschke)

Building on the chair’s expertise on science diplomacy and responding to the increasing demand for experts who will be able to understand and manage the challenges of science and new technologies, FAU also offers an international course on Science and Tech Diplomacy: the new geopolitics of technology.

Science diplomacy

What exactly is science diplomacy? And why is it so important? Maria Rentetzi has written an article exploring the history and significance of science diplomacy in depth.

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