Buddy programme

Individual support for international students

Starting at University is an exciting time for any new student. Getting used to everything may be a challenge at times, particularly for international students. You may have language difficulties or be unfamiliar with certain aspects of life in Germany and at the University. It is often helpful to have support with everyday tasks such as getting to know the city, buying a bike or organising trips.

The buddy programme puts international students in contact with German students who can help them with any questions they may have and give them useful tips. Buddies are not official advisors – they are volunteer FAU students who are interested in other cultures and would like to help international students at the University find their feet.

Faculty buddy programmes

Please register with Katrin Schlüter. Please send questions and registration forms to phil-buddy@fau.de.

School of Law

Please register with Anja Wolf. More information is available on the School of Law’s website.

School of Business and Economics

Please register with Ms. Maurer. Please send questions and registration forms to wiwi-international-team@fau.de.

Please register with Mikhail Vassilyev. Please send questions and registration forms to mikhail.vassilyev@fau.de

Please register with Patrik Stör. More information is available on the Faculty of Sciences’ website.

Patrik Stör, Dipl.-Pol.

Referent für Forschung und Internationalisierung an der Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät

Please register with Mikhail Vassilyev. Please send questions and registration forms to mikhail.vassilyev@fau.de

International students

Are you new at FAU and would you like to have a friend to help you out from the beginning? All international students (both exchange students and regular Bachelor’s and Master’s students) can register for the buddy programme. After you submit your registration form you will be allocated a buddy from your faculty or school as soon as possible.

Please fill out the international registration form below and send it to your faculty or school. For more information about the buddy programme, please refer to the guidelines below

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FAU students: become a buddy

Who can become a buddy?

Buddies are open-minded and outgoing FAU students who volunteer to support exchange students and international students, especially during their first few weeks in Germany. FAU buddies are paired with one to three exchange or international students. Since the programme relies on voluntary work, buddies cannot be paid. Upon request, the Central Office for International Affairs (RIA) will be happy to provide you with a certificate detailing your tasks.

What do buddies do?

Buddies help with every-day questions like ‘where is the supermarket?’ or ‘where can I buy a bike or a mobile phone?’ If you or your partner have any legal questions or questions about your studies, you should contact RIA.

Buddies receive an e-mail with their partner’s contact details approximately four weeks before they arrive. When their partner arrives, buddies can offer to pick them up from the airport or show them around the town.

Exchange students often arrive before the start of the semester – usually at the beginning of September or October for the winter semester or the beginning of March or April for the summer semester. Many of these students attend language courses before the start of the lecture period. It is therefore important that German buddies have time during the semester break to help their partners when they arrive.


Send your application form via e-mail to the contact person named above at your faculty.

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