Final thesis abroad

Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, Diplom thesis or Magister thesis abroad

If your School or Department consents, you can write your final thesis (Bachelor’s, Diplom, Magister or Master’s thesis) abroad. However, this is a highly individual matter which requires thorough planning.

General conditions

Final theses are always subject to the regulations of the university at which you are enrolled and are graded according to these regulations. This means that FAU regulations also apply for your thesis even if you decide to complete it abroad. You should therefore consult the study and examination regulations in good time and possibly also contact your subject advisor. Aspects to bear in mind are deadlines which must be met, the scope of the work, registering for a thesis and such like. You always need someone at FAU to officially allocate the topic and grade your work.

There are two ways to obtain a final thesis abroad:

  1. You decide on a topic and find a supervisor at FAU and, in agreement with your supervisor, write the thesis at a university or a company abroad.
  2. You organise a final thesis at a university or a company abroad and find a supervisor there. Once you have found a suitable topic and a supervisor abroad, you still need to find a supervisor at FAU. To do so, contact the department closest to the subject of your thesis.

Contact & funding

There are several ways of contacting universities or companies abroad.

  • Make the most of connections your lecturers have established to other institutions abroad. An official list is not available, please discuss your intention to work abroad directly with your lecturers.
  • Find out about the exchange and scholarship programmes at FAU (e.g. ERASMUS+, DAAD PROMOS) and external programmes (e.g. by the University Centre for Bavaria and Latin-America).