Teaching awards

Recognising quality

FAU would like to recognise outstanding commitment and excellent quality in teaching thus emphasising the importance of teaching alongside research. It therefore set up an annual University-wide teaching award in 2016 that recognises outstanding achievements in teaching. With this award, successful teachers are recognised with faculty-wide and also state-wide prizes in teaching.

2019 Teaching Award winners

President Hornegger and Vice President Kopp with the 2019 award winners Maike Teubner, Dr. Leila Taher, Martina Fricke, Dr. Mayte Buchbender and Dr. Sebastian Pfaller (Image: FAU/Giulia Iannicelli)

Each year, FAU recognises the achievements of young researchers with the Teaching Award for Young Researchers. The prize is awarded to one person per faculty who is in the qualification phase and who has made outstanding achievements in teaching. The prize is worth 3000 euros and is financed by the University Association. The faculties submit their nominations to the Executive Board who then decides on the winners.


In addition central teaching awards, some faculties have their own annual teaching awards, such as the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology. More information is available from the relevant Office of the Dean of Studies.

FAU can also nominate two members of its teaching staff every year who receive the Prize for Good Teaching awarded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts for outstanding achievements in teaching. The value of the prize awarded to the winner is 5000 euros. According to a rotation schedule defined internally at the University, each faculty can alternately nominate winners for the award that are finalised by the Senate and forwarded by the Executive Board to the Ministry.

In addition, FAU informs its teaching staff via the Deans of Studies about further national prizes such as the Ars Legendi Prize of the Stifterverband and supports applications from its teaching staff.

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