Funding programmes for teaching

Improving and developing teaching

The quality of its teaching is very important to FAU. This means there is not only a wide range of training, service and advice available to teaching staff, but also financial support in the form of a competitive funding programmes. They serve as motivation for teaching staff to continuously improve teaching and try new things. The following types of funding are available:

To improve the quality of its teaching, FAU annually invites calls for proposals for its ‘Innovationsfonds Lehre’. Awarding project funding on a competitive basis serves as an incentive for outstanding commitment and teaching with potential for innovation. The maximum amount of funding available is 10,000 euros for a funding period of one to two semesters.

More information about the current call for proposals, the funding criteria and projects that have already received funding is available on our German website.

FAU is also happy to advise you with applications for third-party funding such as from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the State Ministry of Science and the Arts, Stifterverband and Hochschulforum Digitalisierung. The Vice President Education and her coordinator as a point of contact offer advice during the application process.

The Virtual University of Bavaria is a network of universities in Bavaria. It provides online seminars for all students in Bavaria that are supported by online tutors. Students at Bavarian universities can use the courses provided at the Virtual University of Bavaria free of charge. In the context of the vhb, teaching staff at Bavarian universities can apply for financial support for the development of online courses.

Teaching staff at FAU can consult the Innovation in Learning Institute (ILI), the University’s centre of excellence for e-learning. In addition to providing support with making applications, ILI also offers advice for media-based teaching concepts.

Esther Paulmann

Personal Assistant to the Vice President Education

Department of Strategic Planning
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