Annual performance review with doctoral candidates

Support for annual performance reviews with doctoral candidates

As a supervisor of doctoral degrees you are expected to guide your doctoral candidates and have regular meetings to discuss their research with them. It therefore makes sense to have individual performance review meetings at least once a year. The main aim of annual performance review meetings is to draw up a list of which objectives each of you have with regard to working and dealing with each other.

Working together like this allows you to

  • increase work satisfaction
  • incorporate the ideas, expert knowledge and experience of your staff more effectively into planning
  • obtain feedback on your own conduct
  • work more effectively
  • evaluate results more effectively.

The Graduate Centre is happy to support you by

  • putting together the necessary documents
  • advising you on how meetings should be held
  • participating in individual meetings if so required
  • giving feedback after the meeting.

During the meeting, you are sure to identify some skills and competencies which you both agree the doctoral candidate can work on. Together, you should decide which and how many seminars the doctoral candidate should attend. FAU offers qualification seminars and workshops on a range of different topics via various platforms. Please contact the relevant office if you have any queries or to book a place.

It is not uncommon for doctoral candidates at this early stage of their academic career to also require advice and coaching on their further career path. The FAU Graduate Centre is happy to assist. Please contact Dr. Silke Schnurbusch.