Structured doctoral programmes

A structured path to obtaining a doctorate

The FAU Graduate Centre functions as an umbrella organisation for all structured doctoral programmes and also as a central information and networking platform, which contributes towards ensuring the quality of doctoral degrees. We also support doctoral candidates with regard to administrative processes and their career planning.

What is a structured doctoral programme?

Structured doctoral programmes generally have a formal curriculum and are often interdisciplinary. They also mostly offer candidates the opportunity to develop their soft skills and gain additional qualifications. In addition, doctoral candidates in these programmes receive intensive support from several academic mentors, the purpose being to enable them to complete their doctoral degrees within three to four years.

However successful completion of a doctoral degree programme also requires a relationship of trust and the ability to cooperate with your supervisor.

There is a general distinction between graduate schools and research training groups, both of which offer structured doctoral programmes. Graduate schools may be maintained by a single faculty but can also extend across the boundaries of more than one faculty. By comparison, research training groups are smaller bodies which focus on a narrower subject area.

Please contact us if you are an established researcher planning to set up a structured doctoral programme and intend to apply for third-party funding.

Procedure for application to a structured doctoral programme

In general, you will initially need to find a suitable doctoral supervisor.

If you are interested in participating in one of our doctoral programmes, please apply directly to the persons responsible for the programme. Information on application deadlines and procedures can be found on the relevant programme website.