Graduate Centre services for doctoral degree programmes

Support and networking

At the Graduate Centre, we can provide support with the following and assist you with networking in your role as spokesperson or coordinator in graduate schools and structured doctoral degree programmes at FAU:

  • Quality assurance of issues relating to doctoral degree programmes (e.g. adapted and extended supervision agreements) and the set-up process of structured doctoral degree programmes via the Graduate Centre Steering Committee
  • Management of an online administration system for doctoral candidates
  • Provision of a networking and information platform as an umbrella organisation for all graduate schools and structured doctoral degree programmes.
  • Support and information for administration processes relating to doctoral degrees.
  • An interdisciplinary programme of events for all doctoral candidates at FAU (interdisciplinary workshops and seminars on soft skills)
  • Support for doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers with questions relating to career planning and career development both within and outside research
  • Support early on with planning and making applications for new research training groups and programmes, for example with questions about the curriculum