FAU Postdoc Day

Invitation to the first FAU Postdoc Day

Date and registration

The FAU Postdoc Day is to be held online on 5 and 9 July 2021.

You should register via StudOn.

FAU is organising its first FAU Postdoc Day. All postdoctoral researchers at FAU are invited to join.

With the motto ‘How to become a professor’, the event will address the factors that are decisive for an academic career at a university, provide insights into the interview that usually takes place behind closed doors and discuss the current options for qualifying as a professor.

  • How can I develop my career portfolio so that my application for a professorship is successful?
  • What can I expect in the meeting with the appointment committee? How can I present myself successfully and introduce myself effectively?
  • Which path to becoming a professor is suitable for me?

The practice appointment committee and a few other brief parts of the programme will take place in English, but otherwise the event will take place in German.


The purpose of the event is to provide you with some ideas for planning your academic career, to show you what support FAU provides for postdoctoral researchers and to offer a forum for exchanging ideas and information.

Gain some input and ideas for your path to becoming a professor during presentations and discussions, get in touch with experts from FAU and talk to professors who have already been appointed.

Target group

The FAU Postdoc Day is aimed at postdoctoral researchers who have already gained their doctoral degrees up to and including habilitation/W1 professorship level.


2 pm


Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger, FAU President

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Paulsen, Vice President People

2:15 pm

Keynote lecture

An academic career between obtaining a doctoral degree and becoming a professor

Mirjam Müller, University of Konstanz

4 pm

Parallel breakout sessions

Breakout Session 1: Parameters for appointment and different pathways to becoming a professor

The talks will cover the employment conditions for professors as well as the formal aspects and legal framework of the appointment procedure.

Dr. Matthias Schwarzkopf, Coach and trainer for working at university and pursuing a career in academia: Different pathways to becoming a professor

Karolin Benker, Heike Mertin, Appointments and Appointment Procedures, FAU: Formal aspects of the appointment procedure

Breakout Session 2: FAU professors share their experiences

In the interactive section of the breakout sessions, newly-appointed professors to FAU will describe their experiences of the appointment procedure and will be available to answer any questions.

FAU professors: My path to becoming a professor – first-hand experiences

10 am


Prof. Dr. Friedrich Paulsen, Vice President People

10:15 am

Insights into the appointment procedure – The interview with the appointment committee

Fictitious FAU appointment committee with members from various faculties:

Experienced members of FAU appointment committees simulate job interviews for fictional appointment procedures in medical and engineering subjects. Afterwards you will have the chance to ask questions and discuss your experiences.


Please address any questions about the event to: