Incoming non-teaching Employee-Exchange

Non-teaching Employee-Exchange

The ERASMUS+ programme promotes the mobility of administrative and other non-teaching staff at higher education institutions, enabling them to visit a partner higher education institution or company for the purpose of receiving training. FAU welcomes administrative staff from its partner universities.

The purpose of the training is to allow participants to learn from a partner institution through a transfer of knowledge or exchange of experiences and good practices, and thereby to acquire practical skills relevant for their current job and their professional development. The activities can be very varied and include seminars, workshops, courses and conferences, periods of practical training and short secondments.

Erasmus Staff Weeks for Members of International Offices

FAU’s Central Office for International Affairs (RIA) organises an Erasmus Staff Week once a year in Erlangen in order to give the best possible idea of how the University organises the administration of international collaborations and the international student population, for example.

In our globalised world students need international and intercultural knowledge to ensure that they are prepared for the global labour market. Even students who do not go abroad will work in a multicultural atmosphere and universities need to know how to handle the challenges that this new demand brings. Lecturers and other staff members play an important role in the process and we show different examples of what can be done. The proposed staff exchange emphasises what kind of preparation universities can provide their students with.

Participants should be members of staff from FAU partner universities whose work focuses on international issues at a central, departmental or faculty level, such as exchange or Master’s degree programmes, student advisor roles or internationalisation in general.

Please note that the programme is highly interactive. All participants are expected to take active part in the lectures and workshops during the week. As the programme will be held in English, a good command of the language is required.

Du to the Coronavirus Pandemy, there will be no Staff week in 2020. The next Erasmus+ Staff Weeks will take in the second Half of 2021.

 One will be Focussing on Co-operation with Latin-America (with our KA107 partners in Chile, Costa, Rica, Haiti and Cuba); a second one will specialize on Engineering and will be held by the Departments of our Faculty of Engineering.

  • Provisional Programmes (available by Spring 2021)
  • Flyer Staff Week (available by Spring 2021)

Staff Week December 2019

Staff Week Mai 2018

Staff Week December 2017

Staff Week December 2016

  • keynote speech, presentations and workshops on digitalization of administration, education and teaching
  • presentations and workshops
  • intercultural training Germany
  • meetings with students and staff
  • guided tours of Erlangen, Fürth and Nürnberg
  • cultural events (e.g. concerts, depending on availability)
  • depending: presenting you university in the International Days

Application deadline : tbc.

If you are interested in participating in the FAU Erasmus Staff Week, please complete and return the application form . Please send us the printed and signed application form together with your CV. In case of the Staff week on KA107 and Latin America, the number of participants from partner countries is limited to 15 and from programme countries to 10.

If more people apply, we will make a selection on the basis of interest, background, home institution and home country. If this is the case we will let you know the results shortly after the application deadline. We accept a maximum of one participant from each partner university. Staff from international offices and international co-ordinators at faculty/department level will be given priority.

Please note that all participants are responsible for covering the cost of their own accommodation, travel and most meals during the week.

However, partners from EU member states may be able to receive Erasmus funding for participating in this programme from their home institution. Please contact your university’s Erasmus co-ordinator to find out whether this is a possibility.

Erasmus+ provides funding for staff mobility as a grant contribution towards subsistence and travel. Maximum travel grants are set according to the distance travelled at the following rates:

  • Between 100 and 499 km: 180 Euro
  • Between 500 and 1.999 km: 275 EUR
  • Between 2.000 and 2.999 km: 360 Euro
  • Between 3.000 and 3.999 km: 530 Euro
  • Between 4.000 and 7.999 km: 820 Euro
  • Between 8000 km or more: 1.500 Euro

To calculate the distance, you must use the online tool on the EC’s website.

The distance to be calculated is one way – from the location of the sending institution to that of the receiving institution. However, please note that the grant amount listed covers both the outward and return journey from home to host institution. It is therefore recommended that you book your travel early to ensure you can cover the costs.

The subsistence grant is a contribution towards all other costs for the individual, including travel within the city, accommodation, meals and snacks, following the normal university staff expenses guidelines. Maximum amounts available for subsistence vary according to the length and destination of the visit. The daily staff mobility subsistence rate for Germany is 160 euros.

FAU provides participants with a list of hotels in Erlangen in walking distance from the University (single rooms with bathroom and shower between 40 and 90 euros per night). Booking information will be provided for participants who have been accepted onto the programme. Participants may book other accommodation if they wish.

Other Options

If you are interested in participating in Erasmus staff training at FAU and are not a member of an international office but a technician or other member of administrative staff, please consult your home university first to find out their opinion regarding the exchange. This way you can acquire important information concerning the requirements of your home university regarding Erasmus staff exchange. If you wish to undertake individual training at another department or service unit within FAU’s University Administration, you should contact the relevant head of department directly.

A work plan must be agreed upon by both the sending and the receiving institution. The plan must include the following: overall aim and objectives, expected outcomes in terms of training or learning activities to be carried out, and a schedule for the training period.