Incoming Teaching Mobility

Incoming Teaching Mobility

Erasmus Teaching Mobility

This activity offers the possibility for lecturers from partner universities in Europe to stay at our university for teaching purposes, teaching a subject that is part of FAU’s academic curriculum. In order to make use of this opportunity there must be an existing bilateral agreement between FAU and your university and an invitation letter is required. The sending university is responsible for organising the administrative process and also for paying the Erasmus grant to the visiting lecturer at FAU.

The institution sending teaching staff or inviting staff from a company to teach applies to its national agency for Erasmus+ mobility grants while the member of staff applies to their home institution, or the inviting institution in the case of staff from companies.

If you are planning a staff teaching assignment at FAU, first of all we advise you to contact the mobility co-ordinator for your subject at the University directly to enquire about the possibility and timing of the visit. The mobility co-ordinator will help you organise the details of the visit (dates, duration and content of the teaching programme) and is usually the person responsible for the final decision on accepting visiting lecturers.

Teaching exchanges are open to staff at FAU’s current partner universities with which we have a valid teaching mobility agreement. Visiting lecturers must teach the same subject that they teach at their home university at FAU.

The teaching should be part of the local syllabus or take the form of additional workshops or lectures. The main purpose of the visit must be teaching, although any additional time can be spent on research collaboration or meeting with colleagues and exchange students.

You should apply to your home university.  Prior to departure, a teaching programme must be formally recorded on a Staff Teaching Mobility agreement which has been signed by the Erasmus Co-ordinator, the member of staff and the host HEI.

  • Minimum duration of teaching: 2 days
  • Maximum duration of teaching: 2 months

Teaching hours: Staff must deliver at least 8 hours of teaching per week or each part of a week and this must be evidenced in the Teaching Programme.

Travel days are not included in the calculation of the minimum duration. Subsistence allowances for up to onte travel either side of the mobility may also be funded if requested at time of application.

Please note that all participants are responsible for covering the cost of their own accommodation, travel and most meals during the week.

However, participants from Erasmus+ programme countries may be able to receive Erasmus funding for participating in this programme from their home institution. Please contact your university’s Erasmus co-ordinator to find out whether this is a possibility.

Erasmus+ provides funding for staff mobility as a grant contribution towards subsistence and travel. Maximum travel grants are set according to the distance travelled at the following rates:

  • Between 100 and 499 km: 180 Euro
  • Between 500 and 1.999 km: 275 EUR
  • Between 2.000 and 2.999 km: 360 Euro
  • Between 3.000 and 3.999 km: 530 Euro
  • Between 4.000 and 7.999 km: 820 Euro
  • Between 8000 km or more: 1.100 Euro

To calculate the distance, you must use the online tool on the EC’s website.

The distance to be calculated is one way – from the location of the sending institution to that of the receiving institution. However, please note that the grant amount listed covers both the outward and return journey from home to host institution. It is therefore recommended that you book your travel early to ensure you can cover the costs.

The subsistence grant is a contribution towards all other costs for the individual, including travel within the city, accommodation, meals and snacks, following the normal university staff expenses guidelines. Maximum amounts available for subsistence vary according to the length and destination of the visit. The daily staff mobility subsistence rate for Germany is 120 euros. Your home university decides on the grant amount.

We can provide you with a list of hotels suitable for short-term accommodation. If your stay is longer than two weeks, please contact our Accomodation Service.

Staff must complete the required Erasmus documentation in order to receive funding.

Prior to departure:

  • a grant contract with your home university (will be provided individually after successful application)

On return:

  • confirmation of teaching programme (the receiving chair at FAU will sign this document)
  • EU Survey training report form (online report link will be sent to participants by e-mail directly by the EC)

Visiting Professorship Programme

Professors and researchers may also apply to participate in a specially designed mobility programme: the Visiting Professor Programme. The programme was launched by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts in 2014.

Every year FAU publishes one or more international calls for applications for the programme (depending on the availability of funding) and selects a number of highly qualified researchers from all over the world to participate.

Applications may be submitted by FAU professors and researchers for guests employed at foreign universities who would like to provide a scientific contribution to their specific field of teaching and/or research. On the basis of the profiles requested by the departments of FAU, candidates may apply for either short-term visits (10 to 40 days) or long-term visits (3 to 6 months).

Please check with Dr. Brigitte Perlick.

Please check with Dr. Brigitte Perlick.

DAAD Programmes

For information on funding please check with the DAAD. For questions regarding formalities at FAU please contact our Welcome Centre.